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  • Message from JS Adame Staff


    Due to safety and health precautions, Donna ISD has decided to close schools until further notice. Students will be allowed to pick up lunch at the following locations Donna North and Donna High from 11:00am.-1:00pm starting Monday, March 23rd.
    New work packets will be made, and we will let you know when they are available for pick up.

    Online resources are available through the Donna ISD website.

    Students may log in through Clever. We will be looking at time usage and be picking up grades through MyOn, Istation, and TTM.

    Please be advised that if you or your child are sick (cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting) you will NOT be allowed to pick up lunches or work packets.

    Pictures of answer documents will be due Friday, March 27th of the packets sent home before spring break.


    Thank you, have a safe and restful break.



    Debido a las precauciones de seguridad y salud, Donna ISD decidió cerrar las escuelas hasta nuevo aviso. Los estudiantes podrán recoger el almuerzo en los siguientes lugares Donna North y Donna High de 11:00 am a 1:00 pm a partir del lunes, 23 de marzo.


    Se realizarán nuevos paquetes de trabajo y le informaremos cuando estén disponibles para su recogida.

    Los recursos en línea están disponibles a través del sitió web de Donna ISD.

    Los estudiantes pueden iniciar sesión de Clever. Analizaremos el uso del tiempo y recogeremos calificaciones a través de MYOn, Istation,, y TTM.


    Tenga en cuenta que si usted o su hijo estén enfermo (tos, fiebre, dolor de garganta, vómitos) NO se le permitirá recoger comida o paquetes de trabajo.

    Las fotos de los documentos de respuesta se recibirán el viernes 27 de marzo de los paquetes enviados a casa antes de las vacaciones de primavera.


    Gracias, tenga un tiempo seguro y tranquilo.

Announcement from Counselor Ms. Castillo
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    Check out other lessons: click on these words

    April 6, 2020

    Big Changes versus Small Changes


    On a paper/board/etc. Create a rating scale and label one side “small change” and the other “big change”.  Ask your child about recent changes in their lives.  You may want to share a few examples to get them started.

    Your child/children will think of a few of their own, write them on a piece of paper/post it and tape it to the paper/board rating scale. Tape where they think it belongs on the scale.

    It’s a great opportunity for you to gain insight into how your child views and internalizes everyday changes.  Note:  Changes can feel different for every person experiencing them.  Even it’s a small change for one student, it may feel like a big change for someone else.

    Suggested questions:

    ·       How did you feel when this change happened?

    ·       Did this change make you feel scared or nervous?


    April 7, 2020

    Kind Words Activity

    Help your child brainstorm kind words to use when communicating with other people.

    Start a conversation with your child about kind words and why we should use them.  Some questions may include:

    ·       “Why should we use kind words?”

    ·       “Was there a time when someone said something to you that hurt your feelings?”

    ·       "What could they have said that would have been nicer?”


    On a piece of paper, have them draw thought bubbles/clouds, have them fill in the bubbles with kind words they would like to say to other people.  These can be something nice when they think about a classmate, a teacher, someone at home, etc.  For example: “I think you are really great at drawing.”  You want to prompt your child to let those kind words flow and fill up the page.




     April 8, 2020

    Dealing with Disappointment



    Disappointment can happen for many reasons, and most of us experience some sort of disappointment quite often.  As adults, we have learned how to overcome the everyday minor disappointments.  For children, a small disappointment can feel huge. 

    This activity can help you, help your child, identify what to do in times of disappointment.


    Prompt: “We’re going to talk about times when we were disappointed.  Can you think of a time when you were disappointed?

    A few examples:

    ·       When you lose at a game

    ·       When you fall off your bike

    ·       When a friend is mean or leaves you out

    How do you feel when those things happen?


    Discuss with your child what they can do when something doesn’t go their way.  Explain how the way we react in times of disappointment can really help our mood and how we go on with our day.  It’s a good opportunity for you to see what resonates with them when they have those feelings and develop ways to cope with those disappointments.


    April 9, 2020


    Signs of Stress   reference do 2 learn


    It can be useful to help your children identify the physical signs of stress.  When students can identify early signs of stress or anxiety, this might help prevent escalations/meltdowns.  How do children feel when they are stressed?  How do they look when they are stressed?


    Help them understand the concept of stress.  What is stress?  It’s caused any event or thought that makes you feel physical tension and /or mental tension.  Stress is often described as a mix of emotions-frustration, anxiety, nervousness, anger, fear, confusion and even sadness.  Have your child talk to you if they are displaying these symptoms.


    These are some bodily signs of stress:

    Sweating                                  Eyes Watering               Fidgeting                      Loss of appetite

    Red Face                                   Upset Stomach             Headache                     Inability to concentrate

    Body aches or pains                  Poor Sleep Habits          Exhaustion

    Tense, tight muscles                  Hyperactivity                Shallow breathing


    April 10, 2020

    Family Activities to Try During Closures


    ·       Create an obstacle course with toys and games

    ·       Play indoor games:  Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, or Follow the Leader.

    ·       Turn up the volume and have a family dance party

    ·       Draw, color or paint.  Display the artwork on your fridge.

    ·       Work on puzzles


Announcement from Campus Nurse Mrs. Garcia
Arrival/Dismissal Procedures Changes
  • Effective Monday, March 2, 2020



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